Welcome to the otdrmn webpage, join us on the journey where
our 15 year old son

Builds a Container home


Why build a container home when you already live on a lifestyle block and have a perfectly good home to begin with? A reasonable question to ask.

Our 15 year old son has another year left of school before going out in to the work force, we asked him what he wants to be when he grows up, the answer was a tradie, all good but what trade was the question we asked as you need to choose your subjects wisely for school next year.
Armed with that information he went off and undertook some research as to what trade and what subjects he should do, coming away more confused than ever about which trade was the right trade for him.

We had a discussion and decided that maybe we give him exposure to all the trades and associated aspects like planning, budgeting, programming and the building by getting him to build a container home.

So that’s what we’re doing!

The plan is for him to build and then sell the container allowing us to recoup our costs and hopefully for him to make some profit allowing him to buy his first car, along the way we’ll video the process to help encourage others to think outside the box when it comes to career choices for their children, but also to get the input from the audience as to what we’re doing right or wrong with regards to our build.

There is a heap of stuff we don’t know and will need to teach ourselves along the way, no doubt mistakes will be made but hey that’s all part of the learning, there will also be times when you think why the hell have they done that (some could be because we didn’t know better) but often it will be about the actual learning or exposure to an aspect of the build.
An example of this is the site prep, we could have just thrown the container in the paddock and started from there but Sam wouldn’t have had exposure to all those civil aspects.

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