Te Haruhi Bay, Whangaparoa – Our first overnighter

Our first overnight trip in the motorhome to test out all the systems in a real life situation but also an opportunity to explore our backyard.
The end of Whangaparoa peninsula is no stranger to me with my earliest memories being taken out on day trips 50+ years ago to collect cockles from the shores of Okoromai bay, to weekends running around the hills of the defence force base as young teenagers  with TS Leander sea cadets undertaking various training courses.

When we arrived there were plenty of options for parking, our first dilemma was with a self imposed rule I’d made as part of our planning to always back in to your site in case you get stuck and need to be pulled out as towing points are located on the front of the chassis.

Having the habitation door on the drivers side meant if we backed in to we’d have a door on door situation with those already in situ, not sure on the rules here I applied common courtesy and drove in place figuring everything is super hard and dry with the possibility of getting stuck almost zero.

Quote of the trip goes to Gilli with this little gem, “I can’t believe how relaxed I am, at home there always this sense every time we sit down that we should be doing this or that, but here in the motorhome there’s none of that”
A youtube overview of Te Haruhi Bay here

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